Regular Season Notes

  1. Game Administrator Meetings are required at each regular season Varsity Match (does not apply to JV/Middle School matches). Head Coaches have to attend and will be asked if all players will be properly and legally equipped at the time of the kickoff.
  2. Home Team Uniform Rule– The Home team has to be in solid white jerseys and solid white socks but shorts can be any color as long as they are all similar. Game will still play if the uniforms aren't in compliance but you must send an unusual situation report to tssaa via your arbiter game report. Game won't play if the uniforms are too close to tell either team apart and there are no alternate uniforms (pennies) available.
  3. Tape on Socks – Any tape applied to the socks has to be similar in color to the part of the sock that it is applied. So no red tape on blue socks or white tape on black socks etc.
  4. Ball Persons are mandatory for Varsity Matches (not jv or middle school). At least two ball persons are required per NFHS rules and they are the home team responsibility, but the away team can help provide some if needed. (Send report to tssaa if they don't have any ball persons).
  5. Goals have to be anchored or the game cannot start (sandbags are ok to use as anchors) this applies to JV and Middle School games also. Don’t let it start until they are anchored as you are open to serious liability if they topple over and land on someone.
  6. If a player is given a second yellow card in a game then that player is shown the redcard and has to go out and cannot be substituted and the team plays short for the remainder of the game. The carded player can play their next game and you do not send a report to TSSAA. Remember there is no longer the “soft red” that allowed you to substitute after the second yellow/red and not play short. If a player receives a straight redcard then it still applies that the team plays short and a report is sent to TSSAA and TSSAA determines if it’s a one or two game suspension for that player. (please don't tell them if you think it's a one game or two game suspension, TSSAA will let them know as there are several factors that go into determining the suspension).
  7. Game Clocks that are visible at the field are official timing devices if the home team provides a time keeper that is proficient with the rules of timekeeping. If not then official time is kept on the field by the referees.
  8. Concussion rule- if a player is removed from the game because they are showing signs or symptoms consistent with a concussion then they can’t come back in the game the same day without a written doctors note, unless there is a designated health care professional at the field that evaluates the player and feels no concussion has occurred then they can come back in. (Please document in an unusual occurence form to TSSAA).
  9. During a dead ball, as a result of an injury, either or both coaches can give instructions to his/her team.
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