Conflict of Interest

Conflict of interest Policy   MTSOA / TSSAA


An official cannot work an athletic contest in which a member of his/her immediate family ( son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, husband or wife ) is playing or is serving as a coach for either team. If an official is a teacher, the official is prohibited from working an athletic contest if one of the teams represents the school in which the official is employed as a teacher unless otherwise approved by the TSSAA Executive Director.


 An official cannot work at any school in the same district as the school with the conflict as stated previously. A conflict is also present during the opposite season and their District schools.


In general, MTSOA expects every person to be constantly aware of the dangers inherent in situations that give rise to conflict of personal interests with those of MTSOA. Although, complete avoidance of all conflicts of interest is not always possible, MTSOA expects the kind of loyalty and ethical consciousness that will motivate an individual to recognize situations and circumstances that could produce a conflict.


All individuals should avoid any actions that might result in or create the appearance of a conflict of interest. Members shall at all times avoid not only actual conflicts of interest but also the appearance of a conflict of interest. The appearance of a conflict can be as damaging as an actual conflict.


 Each individual is encouraged to develop and maintain an attitude of awareness of those situations in which an appearance of conflict might arise.


Please let the assigner know if there is a potential conflict on any game your assigned and they will work to get you reassigned to another match if that option is available.

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