Arbiter Sports

Instructions for use:


If you have never logged on to The Arbiter web site, do the following:


  1. Go to web site:
  2. Enter your e-mail address and your password is your last name, lower case.
  3. You will be asked to join the association and change your password.

After you log on, you will be at your home page.

Your home page has your name on it and is divided into three sections.

The section on the left is your information section and the section that we will cover in these instructions.


The section on the right entitleis information the web site want you to read.

The center section is the announcements from the web site assigners.


We will start with the bottom section and work our way up.




When you are ready to be assigned matches make sure the box has a check mark.




1) Password: Click on the word Password if you want to change your password.


2) Preferences: Click on Preferences and do the following:

a. Click on Preferences and Change the time zone to Central then click save.


3) Information: Click on Information and do the following:

a. Click on Phones.

i. Click on the yellow circle with a plus sign on it.

ii. Use the pull down arrow to select type of number.

iii. Enter phone number.

iv. Enter Note: example: Call after 5:00 pm.

v. Click the Green check mark to save or the Red trash can to delete. Repeat the above steps for other numbers. Click exit when finished.

b. Click on Picture to enter a photo of yourself and follow the instructions.

c. Enter your complete address, SSN and Date of Birth. This is where you can also change your e-mail address. Then click save.


4) Forms: Click on Forms.

a. If you issue a red card during a match you must go to TSSAA Unusual Situations and complete the form.

b. Click on Officials Web Page to go to the association’s web page.

c. Click Exit to return to home page.


Lists: This section contains information you may want to use. Just click on the entries to look at the information. Explore all sections and if you have any questions please contact Coz.


Blocks: This section is very important. This determines which game assignments you receive.


Spend time on the Calendar section.


1) Calendar: Click on Calendar. You have four Actions you can choose from:

a) View schedule, b) block All Day, c) Block Part Day and Clear Blocks.

i. Block All Day: If you wish to block all day click on the circle beside Block All Day then click on the day you want to block.

ii. If you want to Block Part Day click on that circle. Enter the Time Range and Date Range if you want the same block every week. If you just want a single day the just click on that day on the calendar.

iii. Clear Blocks: If you decline a match or miss the accept date of a match you can not clear the block. To clear a block, click the circle of clear block and click on the date. Please practice with this section. Click exit when done.


Travel Limits:

This section sets how far you want to travel from a set location.

Set the zip code and mileage for each day of the week.

Your work zip may be different from your weekend zip.

Spend time on the Travel Limits section.

This of course can limit you on the games you receive due to the schools within your travel limits.


1) Click on the edit wand beside the day you want to change. Make your change then click on the green check mark to save or the red x to delete.

2) Click exit to return to home page.


Payroll: We do not use this section currently but might in the future.


Schedule: This is where you receive your game assignments.


1) Master Schedule: This section is for information only. It shows all matches the association must referee. Not available for view yet.

2) Schedule:

Click on Schedule to see the matches that are assigned to you.

You are given a game number, Note (if green, read the note) , Position requested to officiate, Date & Time, Level of competition, Site, Home Team, Away Team, Date you must accept by, Accept and Decline boxes.

a. Click on Accept or Decline box, and then Click on Submit.

b. Click on site then the address of the Site to get driving instructions.

c. Put a check mark in the box beside Show All to display all previous matches.

d. Click exit to return to home page. If you see any changes that need to be made to this document, please e-mail them to me.



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