Meeting Minutes for March 20th MTSOA meeting at Hunterís Lane High School

Call to order at 6:06 by President Marco Lee

48 referees attended the meeting

Coz: Be sure to e-mail the crew and coaches at least 24 hours in advance. It is not just the responsibility of the head referee to initiate contact, if you have not heard from the head official then AR1 or the other referee needs to initiate contact. If this happens please BCC, Tim Stewart, per an earlier e-mail.  All games have been assigned but there are always games coming in and cancellations so keep your schedules updated.

* Inclement Weather:
If you have to stop the match and cannot restart it that day but you have not made it to half then the game will restart at a later date where it left off and with whatever score it was at the time of stoppage.  If you make it to half and one team is ahead then it is declared a match and the team ahead is the winner. If it is tied at any time during the match and you cannot continue then it will be restarted at the next earliest date for both teams at the point it was stopped.

Tony: Account balance as of meeting time:  $3,076.66. 52 referees were contacted via e-mail that has not paid their dues yet. If you did not receive an e-mail you are current on your dues.

Tim: As of meeting time there was only one game report not filed. Please remember to enter a report for all games assigned through MTSOA including: middle school, JV and varsity matches; within 24 hours of your match. Please enter cards and any incidences that you had to get the game administrator involved. If your game was cancelled please go in and put the score as 0-0 and write game cancelled in the report.
The attendance Sheet will be updated on Remember you need to attend 3 meetings per TSSAA rules. For the ones that asked about the Fall and Spring rules meetings, I am trying to get the attendance from the state for these to count as a meeting and will be updated on the attendance record accordingly.

Marco: Performed training:
 *NFHS new rules come each fall only, nothing changes in the spring. Please do not confuse USSF with NFHS.
*Contact other officials and Home team prior to the match! We have had one honest mistake where a referee showed up late, if there was communication between the crew this could have been avoided!
*TSSAA has no cold weather policy. That is left up to the Admin & Coaches. You can find the inclement weather policy mentioned above and please refer to the rule book for the heat index policy.
* Our association has adopted that the broad stripe Gold and Green are our primary jerseys, TSSAA does not mandate what uniform to wear but does require the officials to be in matching uniforms.
*When filing the report please give only appropriate information including: cards, team name, player name/number, reason for the card and any other unusual occurrences. You must file an unusual occurrence form through TSSAA for a straight red but not a yellow/red.

*New Members who attended the meeting:
Gregory Cobb
Judson Holden
Mason Moore

**Meeting adjourned at 7:07

**Next meeting will be at Hunterís Lane High School on April 17th at 6:00 pm