2016 Banquet Meeting @ St Cecilia Academy


Attendance  = 96  members


Meeting Started at 645pmDaryl Pater was MC for the night.


Food served was - Shepherd's pie, chicken, roasted red potatoes, green beans, roll, drink and dessert.  Officials helped serve the food.
Attendance gift was a portfolio.


Guest Speakers - Mark Reeves (TSSAA) and Otey Smithson (TSSA / Asst Coach Brentwood Academy)


Mark spoke briefly about the upcoming background checks,  pay increase starting in the Fall and Girls Moving to Spring, which logistically won't happen.


Otey spoke about things that coaches like to see and don't like to see in referees.  His main info he wanted to impart is that the game is not about the official but is about the kids and just get out there and do a good job and treat the coaches with respect and they will do the same.

Dennis Beard gave out the service awards for TSSAA membership.   

New Referee of the Year
Ariel Morris
Referee of the Year - Michael Myszka.

Daryl gave out some door prizes. 
He also passed out the summary sheet of the new Bylaws revisions that the Bylaws Committee ( Daryl Pater, Paul Beck, Bobby Batson, John Rafter, and Timmy Stewart ) worked on the last several months. 

Summary of Bylaw Changes

Article 1 (Old Article 1 and 2)

1.       Updated language to be focused on non-college schools

2.       Added language to make document clear and consistent

Article 2 (Old Article 5)

1.       Many wording changes to be clear and consistent

2.       Added and combined details on how to be eligible for membership into a single section

3.       Combined Dues requirements into a single section

4.       Listed all of member conduct requirements from old bylaws into a single section and added info

on how to interact with Board

5.       Added a section on how voting works for the member

6.       Added a section on how member discipline works and process to remedy

Article 3 (Old Article 3 & 4)

1.       Added Definition of Board Quorum

2.       Defined how presidential tie breaking vote works

3.       Cleaned up wording to remove ambiguity where required

4.       Added several administrative duties of the board to cover discipline, hearings, money and fees

5.       Cleaned up election meeting language

6.       Added some duties that the board has always done, but were not written down, like appointing

assessors, or creating committees.

7.       Added an additional appointed Board member to represent quality control

8.       Cleaned up how nomination, elections, voting and how tie breakers work for Board votes if

more than 2 are running.

9.       Added process to cover when a Board member leaves, or needs to be removed for gross

misconduct and how to take these steps

10.   Cleaned up term of office wording for each Board Member

11.   Cleaned up voter eligibility language to be consistent with Article 2

12.   Cleaned up each Board Member’s written duties to align with new bylaws and current


Article 4 (Old article 6)

    1. Wrote and revised process for how amendments to the bylaws can be made

They will be presented at the next two meetings. 
The proposed new Bylaws changes will be emailed to the membership shortly.


Devinder Sandhu got up and briefly spoke about supporting the Nashville FC, which plays in the NPSL and plays at the Vanderbilt Stadium.  He asked for officials to go to their website at http://www.nashvillefc.net/ and join one of the sponsorships to take part ownership in the team.  He also spoke about the upcoming US Women's National Team matches that are being held in Nashville at Nissan Stadium and to get out and support that event.  It is a great honor to have these caliber of teams decide to play in Nashville .  Also, when the stadium was being designed, Devinder was instrumental in making sure the field was done to soccer specs  and this is one of the reasons that we are able to host these type games here.   Congrats to Devinder for keeping soccer alive and well in TN.


Tony Sheets and Sarah Ann Jones checked everyone in and distributed the door prizes and did a great job overall on the banquet.  There were some great looking table settings that Sarah Ann is famously known for creating.

The meeting was then adjourned around 815PM and everyone was advised to drive home safely.

The current season's attendance is available soon on the website.  www.mtsoasoccer.com

MTSOA Spring 2016 Meeting Dates at Hunters Lane High School - Room 105. @6:30 pm

March 7
April 4
May 2

See you on the field or at the next meeting.

Paul G. Beck
MTSOA Secretary
Cell- 615/969-4330
Email: bareck@mindspring.com
Twitter: @MTSOAsoccer