40 referees attended this meeting.
The meeting began at 6:30 and lasted until 7:19 - being called to order by Marco Lee

Marco Lee (President) -
Called the meeting to order

Do your Game reports by 8:00 am the next morning so Al, Coz, or Marco can answer any questions form the Coaches or TSSAA when contacted. Texting Coz is not enough since the others will not be aware of the situation.

Use the old NFHS Offside rules not the new USSF rules.

Paul Beck (Secretary) -
GAME REPORT - Put a comment in the comment space... don't leave it blank. At least write "No Issues".
Remember you must attend three meetings a school year to stay in good standing.

Coz (Assignor) -
Keep arbiter up to date especially weekends. Playoffs are coming up and we'll have weekend games.
We are getting towards the end of the season and most are playing district games now and we need to keep control of the matches.

Tony Sheets (Treasurer) -
Balance: $3833.08

Stephen Speer - (Training)
Gave a training session on how to do a game report on Arbiter:

Remember to do a timely game report after EVERY game, that is for Varsity, JV or Middle School. Only first person listed in Arbiter game page can file the report and you must be in the MTSOA Arbiter account not the TSSAA account. The first official listed should click on the red R. If the first person cannot file a report the other other ref can submit a report under notes which is a pencil icon next to the red R.
Always report the score and anything else that you feel is relevant (unusual occurrences such as; field problems, injuries, coach and or spectator problems and bookings or ejections ) in the comment section. Do not leave comment section EMPTY. When you make a comment about the player include his NAME not just his number since the Board doesn't have a roster in front of them. You must be be in the Arbiter MTSOA account to provide the game report... not TSSAA. If you wait until the next day to submit the report - the game will not show on your schedule unless you click the show all box on the left side.

Bylaws update:
Second reading was done on the proposed updated Bylaws. They will become official after the third reading.

The current season's attendance is available on the website. www.mtsoasoccer.com

MTSOA Final Spring 2016 Meeting Date at Hunters Lane High School - Room 105. @6:30 pm
May 2

See you on the field or at the next meeting.
Paul G. Beck
MTSOA Secretary
Cell- 615/969-4330
Email: bareck@mindspring.com
Twitter: @MTSOAsoccer