Subject:                                                  MTSOA minutes for May 2, 2016


37 referees attended this meeting.  The meeting lasted for  0:42 minutes
The meeting began promptly at 6:33 PM at the Hunters Lane High School Room 105 being called to order by President Marco Lee

Marco Lee (President) -
Announced that Jerry Buckley was having a closeout sale.  If you want to contact Jerry later please call or text 615-512-0731
Notify coaches and crew before your game.  If the head referee forgets another crew member should do it.

Game reports must be completed by 0800 of the next day!!  Coaches and TSSAA are calling about games and the Board doesn't know what they are talking about.


An official is prohibited from working in an athletic contest in which a member of his/her immediate family- son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, husband, or wife - is playing or is serving as a coach for either team. If an official is a teacher, the official is prohibited from working in an athletic contest if one of the teams represents the school in which the official is employed as a teacher unless otherwise approved by the Executive Director. All varsity assignments must be assigned by a recognized and approved TSSAA Local Association.  Also, per MTSOA guidelines if you coach, or have a student or spouse in the same district you should remove yourself from the game to prevent a perception of conflict.

Paul Beck (Secretary) -

This was the final local meeting of the year.  Reminded everyone that they must attend three (3) MTSOA meetings a school year to stay in good standing with TSSAA and MTSOA.
Do your game reports and put players name in report not just their number.

Tony Sheets (Treasurer) -

Balance - $3662.86
If anyone needs details of the treasury report Tony will gladly print out an activity report for you.  Just contact Tony.

Coz (Assignor)  

Have your schedule updated.  Accept playoff games ASAP.

The proposed By-Laws had their third reading and passed  They are now considered to be the current By-Laws.  They are on the MTSOA website.

MTSOA meetings
There is a discussion to move them to Sunday night to increase the attendance .  Finding a location is being sought.

States Rules Meeting
August 4, at Hillwood High School

Registering for next year with TSSAA begins in June,1.
Background checks will be included. We do not know the specifics on how they plan to implement thisand what will prevent you from reffing.
Next season the pay per game will increase $5 to $70/$70 or $70/$60/$60

If anyone received an email from Mark Reeves that had dropbox attachment don't open it .  He was recently hacked.
The current season's attendance is available on the website.


MTSOA Fall 2016 Meeting Dates


See you on the field or at the next meeting.

Paul G. Beck
MTSOA Secretary
Cell- 615/969-4330