48 referees attended this meeting at Hunterís Lane High School
Marco-  Meeting call to order at 6:08

Tony Sheets
Gave treasurer report = $3,516.48
Please remember to pay your dues for this year (dues are due per calendar year)
Coz -
1. Update your arbiter schedules when you know you won't be able to do a game. 
2. Playoffs will be coming out soon, make sure your schedule is up to date and I will be sending out the overtime rules soon. Also remember to text me the scores and file game reports immediately after because it is a quick (<24 hour) turn around on games.
3. Remember to stay in contact with the coaches due to upcoming weather complications.

Make sure you do a game report for every game if you are the lead ref. Reports should include: cautions and ejections (players names, numbers and team), any issue with coaches or fans, any time you ask for the game administrators assistance, and any other unusual occurrence. Remember to also go to TSSAA.org and file the proper paperwork as well.

If your game is cancelled please go into arbiter and put 0-0 as the score and "game cancelled" as the report because coaches don't always contact Coz about the games.

Remember that if you give a straight red then you also have to file the unusual occurrence form on TSSAA.org website. We have had one instance this season where the red card was not filed and TSSAA wants to take action against the refs, we do not want this to happen to anybody.

The current season's attendance is available on the website.  www.mtsoasoccer.com  and remember the attendance is per school year.

Stephen Speer
Performed training on the handball rule, make sure that it is deliberate or trying to make your self bigger while playing the ball. Good rule of thumb is if the arms are tucked into the body and the ball hits the arm then you play on but if the hands are away from the body and the ball hits the arm then it is handling.

New business- Skyye shared a memory from a Vanderbilt game, being a young ref and being mentored by the refs that game, it was our very own Coz Mientos who even signed a poster for him that day. He wanted everybody to know that he now charges for his signature but it is worth the same as back then.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:06

MTSOA Fall 2017 Meeting Dates and location will be TBD